Your second home close to nature

Aqua Family House is a nearly 100-year-old country cottage concealing a tastefully decorated interior that will make you feel at home with us. Our cottage is a wonderful combination of simplicity and comfort. The wonderful atmosphere of this place captivates with peace and quiet, and the charm of the views overwhelms all senses .

Aqua Family House was created out of the need to create a place where everyone can afford a break from the rush of the city and the stresses associated with work. We want to be close to nature and celebrate Slow Life – a life based on harmony and slowing down the fast pace we impose on ourselves every day. We devote this time to calm down, develop our passions and derive what’s best from nature.

We appreciate the beauty of the nature we surround ourselves with. We look at the starry sky, listen to the bird’s singing and breathe fresh air . It is important for us to be able to continue to enjoy the nature we have now and we try to minimize the negative impact of our cottage on the environment. We do not smoke in the furnace, limit the use of plastic, follow the recycling rules and control water consumption.

We want our guests to feel comfortable with us, at home, while being able to enjoy the charms of the area. We want them to leave us refreshed, relaxed and satisfied.

Outdoor weddings

Aqua Family House is the perfect place to celebrate one of the most important days in your life. We organize outdoor wedding receptions of an intimate nature, which will be remembered by the invited guests. Young couples who prefer the relaxed atmosphere of a party in the bosom of nature will appreciate our offer. We try to meet the expectations of couples and make their dreams come true. If you like birds singing, gently rustling trees and idyllic atmosphere, our place is perfect for you!

Office party

You shouldn’t forget about your employees. It is said that the most productive worker is the happy worker. In this regard, corporate events work well, where a relaxed atmosphere allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle in the workplace and people can build relationships better. Our place offers the possibility of organizing intimate outdoor corporate events that will be remembered for a long time. If you are interested in organizing your meeting with us, please contact us.

Training and conferences

Good organization allows you to develop creative thinking and expand your knowledge. At Aqua Family House, you can organize training sessions and conferences in a small group, which will certainly be an unforgettable experience for their participants. Surrounded by greenery, wind noise and fresh air, you will be able to focus on the topics discussed.

Communions and baptisms

Our cottage and its surroundings are a fantastic place for an intimate communion or christening party. Thanks to the space we offer and a friendly atmosphere, children will have the opportunity to play freely. Such parties are also an ideal moment to strengthen family ties. We make every effort to ensure that this important day in your child’s life was an unforgettable experience for them and for you.

Jubilees, birthdays, name days

Our offer also includes the organization of anniversaries, birthdays and name days. If you think that you want to spend pleasant moments in an atmospheric place with your loved ones, then you should organize a party at Aqua Family House. Our place is perfect for small parties, where you can focus on your company and having fun. We try to meet all requests and requirements, because we want you and your guests to feel comfortable with us, as at home.

Photographic locations

Our neighborhood is conducive to capturing fantastic frames, especially those related to fauna and flora. The picturesque location of our cottage and its surroundings are conducive to the organization of open-air photography. Are you looking for a characteristic cottage located among fields and greenery? Or maybe you are planning a engagement or wedding session? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Unique events

If you are looking for an extraordinary place to organize a unique event, our offer should catch your attention. We are able to organize many interesting and intimate events, which, thanks to a private atmosphere, will be remembered by their participants. It is important to us that every visitor feels satisfied with their stay at Aqua Family House and that they want to come back to us.


We are familiar with art and we are fascinated by the possibility of creating various interesting compositions. Therefore, our offer could not be complete without the organization of artistic workshops. Additionally, our neighborhood is conducive to creative development and we are sure that more than one person will create beautiful works with us.

Culinary workshops

We are fans of drawing from nature and its crops. According to Slow Life, we enjoy the moment and appreciate simple activities and pleasures. We believe that one of the best moments is spent preparing meals, so at Aqua Family House we organize interesting culinary workshops that will make everyone feel blissful and happy.

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